How to grow tomato plant from seeds?

How to grow tomato plant from seeds?

Use a large pot(as large as possible) or container with drainage holes in the bottom. Use loose well-draining soil. Plant one tomato plant per pot with the mixture of Just grow's potting mix or with the combination of red soil, coco peat, Organic manure and Organic root boosters. Place the pot in a sunny spot with 6 to 8 hours of full sun a day. Keep soil moist.

Water the plant everyday and during the summer you must need to water them twice to keep them moist.

Once the plant is grown, for every 10 to 14 days you need to feed the plant with fertilizers like Just Grow's Compost, Organic Manure, castor cake or Panchakavya to keep the plant growing

In case if any fungal infections on the plant then you can use Neem oil mixed with water to spray on the plant.

You will see the Tomatoes in 80 days after planting the seeds. Harvest the fruit once it is ripe and fully colored.

The good season to sow the tomato seed during warm seasons, preferably between March to June.

You can grow tomatoes using Grow bags - Bio degradable with UV treated - HDPE or LDPE bags, or big sized clay pots or ceramic pots.

Say No to Plastic pots and bags. The Naati tomato and bags are available in many places. You need to check for biodegradable grow bags.

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