How to grow Moringa or Moringai (tamil)?

How to grow Moringa or Moringai (tamil)?

Moringa or Moringai (tamil) trees grow easily from seeds or cuttings. They grow quickly even in poor soil and bloom 8 months after planting.

To grow from a cutting:
Make a cutting at least 1" (2.5cm) in diameter and at least six feet (1.8m) long.
Dig a hole 3 ft. (1m) x 3 ft. (1m) and 3 ft. (1m) deep.
Place cutting in this hole and fill with a mixture of soil, sand and Just Grow's composted manure. Pack firmly around base of the cutting. Form a slight dome or cone shape, sloping down away from the cutting. It is desirable that water not touch the stem of the new tree.
Water generously, but do not drown the cutting in water.

To grow from seed:
Choose an area with light and sandy soil, not heavy with clay or water-logged.
Dig holes 1 ft (30 cm) square and 1 ft deep. Back-fill the holes with loose soil. Just Grow Compost or Just Grow manure will help the tree grow better, even though Moringai trees can grow in poor soils.
Plant 3 to 5 seeds in each hole, 2 in. (5 cm) apart. Plant the seeds no deeper than three times the width of the seed (approximately ½ in. or 1.5 cm -- the size of one's thumbnail).
Keep the soil moist enough so that the top soil will not dry and choke the emerging saplings, but it should not be too wet or else the seeds can drown and rot.

When the saplings are four to six inches tall, keep the healthiest sapling in the ground and remove the rest. Termites and nematodes can kill a young sapling. Take measures to protect saplings.

Use only organic products to grow Moringai tree - Just Grow Seeds, Compost and Fertilizers. Say No to plastic trays, plastic bags and use only bio-degradable bags.

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