DIY Potting Mix Recipe the Just Grow way!

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DIY Potting Mix Recipe the Just Grow way!

Let's face it, getting the right potting mix consistency is painstaking and sometimes frustrating. When the hard toil you put in does not bear fruit (I mean literally!) After having burnt many plants and testing out various potting mix formula that I've read on every other gardener's blog. My mom and I came up with this incredible mix that is so simple yet works wonders.


So Why Make Your Own Potting Mix?

  • 1. SAVE MONEY.  Potting mix bags range in price although high quality premium mixes are expensive. You can ALWAYS make your own premium quality potting mix cheaper!
  • 2. CONVENIENCE. Making a batch and storing it saves time. This way, you always have some on hand for mini projects. You don’t have to make it from scratch every time. Make up just the quantity you need.
  • 3. SAFE INGREDIENTS. Many non-certified organic commercial mixes contain water crystals or soil wetters. These are made from chemical polymers. After researching the dangers of these, I’ve decided not to use or recommend such products. Other bagged mixes contain chemical fertilizers. By making your own potting mix recipe, you know exactly what’s in it and can control the outcome you want with no hazardous ingredients.
  • 4. SELF-RELIANCE. Making your own supplies is incredibly satisfying and you can share these skills with others.
  • 5. LONGER LASTING. By choosing the right ingredients, you will get more mileage out of your own potting mix recipe, than a bagged mix based on bark. This ingredient quickly decomposes and becomes moisture resistant.

To be continued...


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  • Dev Jogiya

    Can you please share your secret potting mix recipe

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